Caucus for Jeff

Grassroot movements don’t happen without people power. To get Jeff Erdmann elected over Corporate Greed and Washington Special Interests we’re going to need to help get him the DFL Endorsement.

The first step to getting the DFL Endorsement is to attend your precinct caucus on Tuesday, February 6th! Find your precinct caucus location by going to

Senate and County Conventions are Saturday’s between March 4th and March 24th. Check out our Organizing Units event page ( to learn about your date, time and location.

The CD02 Convention to Endorse Jeff Erdmann will be April 14th, for more information check out our events page.

Does this sound more confusing than it should? Well, trust us, we know. For more information on “the process” check out the Erdmann caucus/convention guide below.


Jeff Erdmann for Congress Caucus Materials

Jeff Erdmann for Congress Caucus Materials

Let us know you’re thinking about caucusing.

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