Medicare for All: Position Paper

Jeff strongly believes that healthcare is a human right. Our current healthcare system is a drain on working Americans and small business. There is a better way. Ensuring that all Americans can access health care in their time of need, regardless of their income, isn’t a partisan issue, it’s just flat out the right thing to do. There is a reason almost all industrialized nations provide universal health care for their citizens.

Medicare for All is an extremely cost effective option that ensures care for all people in all conditions. We’re 37th in the world for healthcare, but Erdmann knows we can do much better. The profits of big pharmaceuticals and the health insurance companies should not take priority over the ability of citizens to receive medical attention.

All Americans from all walks of life have their own issues and their own tribulations. At the end of the day, everyone in our nation is in this together, and somewhere along the line, we forgot that we’re united. We can do better; we can provide Medicare for All.

Medicare for All - Position Paper


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