Letter: We need Erdmann, an educator and coach, in Congress

Red Wing Republican Eagle –  

I am supporting Jeff Erdmann for Congress, and I am supporting him for many reasons (his belief that everyone should have medical coverage, his belief in the out-state farmer, etc.) but mostly because Jeff is an educator. We need educators like Jeff in Congress.

Because Jeff has taught American government in public schools for many years, he has seen how education policy affects our children’s learning ability. He knows how much better government can work, compared to how it is working now. Jeff knows the history behind major policy decisions that have been made in the area of public education. Jeff’s greatest concern is that of growing class sizes. Students need direct contact with their teachers. Growing class sizes hamper this connection.

When Jeff (and I) went to college, student debt was much smaller. Because today’s students have such large debt, Jeff supports lower student loan interest rates, allowing refinancing of loans and having more financial aid available to students.

In addition, not everyone wants or needs a college degree. Two-year degrees, certificates, and technical programs should be offered by the community/technical colleges.

All three of my children attended Rosemount High School, where Jeff teaches. We are familiar with Jeff as an educator. Jeff is also a football coach, and my son played football for Jeff. In his senior season, the team was very successful and make it to the state semi-final. My son was sad when they lost, but I will never forget what Coach Erdmann told the team after the loss. Jeff told them he did not want that night to be the best thing they ever did with their lives. He said he wanted them to be great students, great workers, great husbands, and great fathers.

I know Jeff Erdmann is a great educator, person and wants what’s best for society. Through Jeff’s life experience, he understands how to improve cooperation in congress and work with young people to plan our future. I know, because I’ve seen it in action.

Phyllis Myers


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